2 Things To Know Before You Trim Your Trees

Trees can add greatly to the beauty of your yard and even to your property value. You can do things that will enhance the beauty of your trees, make them healthier, and help them produce better flowers or fruit. The best way to do that is to trim your trees. Trimming your trees will do all those things, and it can help keep you safe from branches falling on your head or house. If you are going to trim your trees yourself, you will need to know a few things before you get started. 

Best Time to Trim

One of the things you need to know is when the best time to trim your trees is. You want to get the best possible results from all the trimming work you are doing. In general, the best time to trim is in the middle of winter, when the tree is dormant. An exception to that is if a limb is dying, damaged, or dead. You can't always tell if a limb is dying or dead when the tree is dormant in the winter. One reason to trim in the winter is that trimming in the summer could let bacteria or parasites into the fresh cut, and that could damage the tree. Doing it in the winter will also allow the new growth to go where you want it to. 


If you are trimming your tree in order to create a more pleasing shape or to encourage it to have more balanced growth, then you need to know the best way to shape your tree. First, you need to look at the tree to see what shape it currently is and to plan out what kind of shape you would like it to be in. It may not happen immediately, depending on how out of shape the tree is, but it will happen. Once you decide the shape you want the tree to be when you are done, it's time to start trimming the tree. The best thing to do is to trim back until you reach a limb that is growing in the direction you want the tree to go. You should also cut limbs that are too low on the tree for your goals. When you are cutting a limb from the tree, make sure that you cut it on the limb side of the collar where it attaches to the tree, and don't leave a stub. 

If you want to have your trees trimmed but don't want to do it yourself, you can contact a tree trimming service and have them cut it for you. 

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