Caring For Three Common Landscaping Shrubs

Shrubs and hedges are a core component of many landscape designs. They can help create borders around your yard. They also tend to need less maintenance than annual flowers or perennials. Shrubs and hedges do, however, require some maintenance and care to keep them looking healthy and attractive. Below, you'll find tips to help you care for three of the most common types of landscaping shrubs.


Boxwoods are common because they are so easily shaped. They tolerate being sheared into square hedges, topiaries, round balls, or almost any other shape. Boxwoods won't suffer any ill health effects if you don't have them trimmed regularly, but they will start to look messy and overgrown. To keep them looking tidy, you will want to have them sheared every few weeks in the summer. This way, only a little growth needs to be removed each time the boxwood is trimmed. This is less traumatic for the boxwood than removing lots of growth at once. 

In terms of water, boxwoods do best in moist soil. So, make sure you water your boxwoods when rain is scarce.


Juniper shrubs are usually trimmed in the shape of a classic pine tree. They can grow very tall if you do not have them trimmed often, and once they take off, they are hard to bring back. So, you really want these shrubs to have a good, thorough trim every spring. The earlier in the season you have them trimmed, the better. If they look uneven and overgrown in the fall, you can give them a second trim at that point. 

Junipers like well-drained soil, so do not let water pool near them. If you notice the ground is wet near your juniper shrubs, consider installing some drainage, such as a ditch or drain tile.


Arborvitae shrubs are prized for their tall, slender shape. They maintain their shape well with little need for trimming or shearing. However, you should still have them sheared once or twice a year to keep them looking tight and tidy. If you see any brown branches within the arborvitae, trim them out. Leaving dead branches in place will leech nutrients from the shrub. 

Arborvitae prefer moist, but well-drained soil. If it is dry, definitely water these shrubs, but don't overdo it.

With the tips above, you can do a better job of caring for your shrubs and hedges. Contact a local landscaping service for more information. 

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