Tree Removal Is Needed When Heavy Rain Causes A Tree To Lean Or Topple

You probably know that strong wind and lightning can bring down trees in a storm, but you might not know that heavy rain that saturates the soil can also cause a tree to topple. This can be a dangerous situation, especially on commercial property, since you don't expect a tree to fall due to rain. If you notice a tree leaning or already fallen after a long rainy period, you'll need to have the tree removed. Here are suggestions for dealing with a toppled tree on your property.

Tape Off The Area 

You'll want to call a tree removal company right away, but you also need to keep customers and curious people away from the area. Use rope or tape to restrict access to the area so no one gets hurt. A tree that's partially falling or leaning could suddenly fall the rest of the way and hit someone, so it's a good idea to keep people away until the tree removal company has finished their work.

Assess The Tree

When the tree company comes, they'll check the tree to see if it's a safety hazard. If the tree is already on the ground and not a hazard, they may need to service other trees in the area first and come back to your tree later. There could be many trees down after a bad storm with heavy or prolonged rain. If a tree is leaning, it's more dangerous. They may help the tree fall all the way so it's not a danger to anyone and then cut it up later. If the tree is in a tight spot where it can't fall without hitting a building or cars, then the crew may need to bring in a crane to work from so they can cut the tree down before it falls.

Have Other Trees Checked

If you have multiple trees planted in the same area that are the same type and age, you may want the tree service to check them to make sure their roots aren't lifting from the ground. If the roots lift high enough one of those trees might start to lean too.

Get The Tree Removed

The tree company will work carefully and quickly to cut down a leaning tree. Trees are usually cut down by cutting the branches away from the crown and then chopping apart the trunk. This will leave big pieces of the tree on your property until they can be hauled away. The tree removal company needs room for heavy equipment, such as a crane, dump truck, and mulching machine, so you might need to mark off part of your parking lot for the tree company to park and work.

To find out more, contact a tree service today. 

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