Questions To Answer Before Having Multiple Trees Removed From Your Property

When in the process of clearing an area of land that has quite a few trees, it is ever-important to work with tree removal professionals. Removing one tree is not always a major undertaking. However, removing several trees can be an extensive process that must involve careful planning, heavy equipment, and experience. As you begin your journey working with tree removal contractors, it can be helpful to have a bit of foreknowledge to discuss your needs and what to expect. Take a look at a few things to consider before having multiple trees removed from your property. 

How many trees do you want to be removed?  

Take a close look at the area you want to be cleared and consider how many trees you want to be removed. If you are clearing land for a building project, keep in mind, you may need more space than simply enough room for the structure. The tree removal expert will come to your property and do an estimate based on the scope of the project. Therefore, the more precise you can be about how much land needs to be cleared, the more accurate your initial estimate will be. 

Will removing the trees affect the grade of the land?

Trees may look like they are primarily growing above ground, but the root system of a large or tall tree can be massive. This means when those trees are removed, it can possibly change the grade or slope of the ground. In some cases, removing several trees can mean excavation work has to follow to regrade the ground and support property water flow when it rains. 

Are you comfortable with disrupting some smaller trees in the area?

While removing large trees, surrounding smaller growth will likely be affected. However, if you have smaller trees that you would like to try to keep, be sure to bring this up to the professional. If possible, they will do what they can to leave the root systems of the smaller trees unaffected. 

Do you intend to have trees replanted?

Once the old trees are removed, you may have plans to replant new trees of a different variety. If so, be sure to bring this up to the tree removal expert. They can offer sound advice on what types of trees to plant, where they should be located, and more. Further, they can help you prepare for new trees by making sure old root systems are completely removed. 

Contact tree removal services to learn more. 

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