Dealing With Trees That Are Creating An Unsafe Condition On Your Property

Trees growing on your property are typically your responsibility, so if there is an issue with them, you need to deal with them. A tree on the edge of the property that is encroaching on power or utility lines could fall into the road, or cause some other damage that may need removing to remedy the situation, and hiring a tree removal service is often your best solution.

Power Lines And Trees

When you plant trees too close to the edge of your property, you can eventually have issues with the limbs getting caught up in the power lines during a storm or when the tree grows large enough. In some cases, you can hire a tree removal service to come and trim the limbs back, but if there is a chance that limbs and branches will grow back into the lines, the city or the utility that owns the lines may ask you to remove the tree.

In some areas, the city or town can force you to remove a tree causing an issue or has the potential to damage infrastructure. If you refuse, they may hire a tree service to do the work and then charge you and add a fee for having to deal with the tree removal on your behalf.

If the tree is small enough, you may be able to move it, but you will still need the limbs trimmed to ensure that you don't damage the power lines or utility cables when the tree is lifted out of the ground and moved away from the power lines.

Old Trees

A tree that has been on your property for many years is often not one that you want to cut. However, if the tree is old enough that it is no longer healthy, it could become a safety hazard. If the tree could fall on your home, cars parked on the property, or a shed or garage, having a tree removal service assess it and remove it may be the best option.

Older trees are often more prone to falling or breaking, but the tree removal service can take them down carefully and leave the wood for you to use for something special if you want to preserve the tree for future generations. If you have a wood shop, you could make some things that you can keep as a way to remember that old tree that was on the property for generations.

The safety of your home, property, and family is more important than keeping the tree, and the tree removal service can take it down carefully so nothing gets damaged while the work is underway. For more information on tree removal, contact a company like Smitty's Tree Service Inc.

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