What To Expect From A Tree Removal Service

Sometimes it's best to remove trees that are diseased or dangling precariously near power lines or a neighbor's roof. The process of tree removal requires a great deal of planning and preparation. If this is your first time hiring a tree removal service, here are some activities to expect during the tree removal project.

Determine the Natural Leaning Angle of the Tree

Arborists inspect trees to estimate what direction they lean toward naturally. This precaution ensures the tree falls according to the specialist's prediction. 

There are instances when a tree doesn't fall along its leaning angle. This mostly happens when removing decayed trees. In this case, the arborist will create escape routes. The more escape routes, the higher the chance that falling trees will not cause any damage.

Choosing a Removal Technique

There are two main techniques that specialists use to remove a tree. First, if the tree is far from power lines and structures, it will be removed in one piece. This is called felling a tree. However, felling is too risky if the tree is near buildings, power lines, and other trees. The specialist will remove the tree piece by piece, starting with the upper limbs and moving down to the trunk.

Choosing Tools and Equipment

Arborists choose their tools and equipment based on the location and size of the tree. For example, a bucket truck will help the tree removal crew reach the tree's upper limbs without climbing it. A crane may also be used to remove large branches safely.

For small trees, there is no need for felling tools. The workers can use hand force with the aid of a huge pole. A felling wedge is ideal for bringing down strong trees by hand force. Handsaws are also suitable for felling small trees. For huge trees, the workers may use a rope and winch. A chainsaw may also come in handy for large trees.

Clearing the Area

Before arborists begin their job, they must clear the work site. The tree removal experts will request you remove your vehicles, temporary structures, and furniture around the work site. Also, the workers will ask you to restrict movement around the area. This means you should keep your children and pets away from the work site.

To Wind Up

Tree removal is an engaging and dangerous project. This is why DIYers are discouraged from trying it on their own. After the tree removal is complete, you must prepare for clean-up services. Ask your tree removal workers whether they offer clean-up and disposal services. If they don't provide these services, arrange for a clean-up crew to restore the glory of your yard.

For more information on tree removal, contact a professional near you.

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