5 Tree Root Issues That Necessitate Removal

The visible part of a tree can seem fine, but problems can be lurking with the root system underground. If you recognize any of these root problems in your yard, then you may need to plan for tree removal. 

1. Structural Pressure

Tree roots can put structures on your property at risk. Roots of large trees growing too close to the house can cause cracks or shifting in the foundation that will lead to expensive and difficult-to-repair damage. Tree roots can also penetrate into a drain field, causing the entire septic system to fail. Underground sewage lines and water pipes are prone to root incursion and the resulting backups and leaks that occur.

2. Surface Roots

An ideal lawn is relatively smooth without any roots pushing up through the surface. If a tree in your yard has a lot of surface roots, it can lead to uneven ground that poses a tripping hazard and that is hard to mow. Surface roots can invade flower beds, stealing water and nutrients from these neighboring plants. Even worse, the roots can push up under stepping stones and other paving, causing damage. 

3. Suckering Problems

Some types of trees are very prone to producing root suckers, which are quick-growing stems that can turn into whole new trees. Beeches, elders, and some stone fruits are very prone to producing root suckers, particularly when the mother tree is stressed or suffering ill health. These suckers can destroy your yard. You can remove them as needed, but often the best option is to remove the suckering tree and its stump. 

4. Weak Growth

Weak roots can lead to a dangerous problem. If the root system isn't large enough or anchored deeply enough, a tree is more prone to coming down. An exceptionally top-heavy tree can fall due to its own weight, but any weakly rooted tree is at risk during wind storms or when the soil is saturated. Staking may buy time for the roots to grow stronger, but removal is needed if the soil or space isn't suited to healthy root growth.

5. Toxin Production

A tree can be healthy but pose a danger to other plants. Some trees, most notably black walnut, produce toxins from their roots that poison the soil so that no other tree can grow. These toxins can also affect plants that aren't trees, which can lead to a large area of bare ground around the problem tree. Removing the tree and replacing the soil will help. 

Contact a tree removal service if it's time to remove a problem tree from your property. 

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