4 Consequences Of Ignoring Regular Tree Maintenance

Trees promote health and social well-being by expelling air pollution and cooling your surroundings. As such, you should regularly trim and prune them as an essential landscape maintenance procedure. This will result in healthy and beautiful trees that enhance your home's curb appeal. On the other hand, neglecting your trees' maintenance will severely affect the surrounding environment. Below are the consequences of neglecting tree maintenance.

Injury Or Damage to Property 

You must note that weak branches are susceptible to damage during adverse weather conditions. Consequently, snow and high-velocity winds may topple the weak branches, causing injury to a passer-by below. In addition, dead and diseased branches can fall, causing extensive damage to the surrounding property. More importantly, this may lead to your insurer declining to compensate for the damage as you failed to take reasonable action in caring for the trees to prevent damage. As such, you will spend time sourcing funds to repair damage and restore your landscape, especially if the damage is extensive.

Legal Issues

A tree's branches can intrude on property lines if you fail to downsize them to an appropriate size. If the tree is diseased, loosely attached branches can fall on your neighbor's property, causing damage. For example, a branch may fall and destroy the roof or break a window. Furthermore, weak branches can fall on your neighbor and lead to bodily harm. As a result, you may face legal issues as you must inspect and ensure your trees are safe. More so, this may force you to compensate the injured party or cater to the damages from the fallen branches.

Low Yields

Tree pruning is essential when it comes to boosting fruit production. Note that closely packed and misshapen branches that block sunlight exposure and air penetration in the branches below result in low yields. This happens because these branches inhibit photosynthesis hence reducing fruit production. On the other hand, diseased branches restrict trees from bearing fruits, decreasing fruit output. Thus, you should hire a tree service to prune your trees for robust fruit production.

Damage To Other Trees

Pest infestation on one single tree can spread to other trees if you neglect to address it. This may result in the limbs weakening and eventually falling off. In addition, pests may cause diseases that lead to tree mortality. In the end, this will result in an unsightly landscape which may necessitate tree removal to boost your property's curb appeal. 

Professional tree maintenance is crucial for lengthening trees' longevity. Therefore, you should schedule tree care with a certified arborist to ensure they are healthy and always looking their best.

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