A Branch Too Far: Can Pruning Kill Your Tree?

Tree pruning is beneficial to trees. Pruning your trees can improve their appearance and help them to thrive. However, pruning can be harmful to trees in certain situations. Does this mean that pruning can kill your trees?

Proper pruning techniques don't kill trees

Pruning a tree is beneficial in many ways when you use the proper pruning techniques. For instance, professional arborists can use pruning to improve a tree in the following ways:

  • Dead branch removal to improve appearance
  • Dead branch removal to prevent disease and pest infestation
  • Diseased branch removal to prevent disease spread
  • Branch removal to improve structure and shape
  • Branch pruning to boost blossom and fruit production

In addition, professional arborists use the proper cutting techniques and tools when pruning trees.

Improper pruning doesn't kill trees immediately

Even if you use the wrong techniques or tools to prune a tree, the tree may not die for many months or even years. If a badly damaged tree still has the ability to produce food via photosynthesis, and it can still take in water and nutrients through its roots, it may take a long time to die.

However, improper pruning may eventually kill a tree. This can happen for several reasons.

Large wounds

Pruning large branches is risky. If you prune too close to the trunk, your tree won't be able to heal the wound properly. A hollow may form in the trunk. Hollows are susceptible to pests and diseases. They also weaken the structure of trees.

Jagged wounds

If you use the wrong tools to prune a tree, you may leave jagged wounds after branch removal. Jagged wounds are difficult for a tree to heal. These types of wounds open a gateway for pests and diseases.

Wrong timing

Every tree species has an optimal pruning season. If you prune a tree in the wrong season, you weaken it and reduce its ability to produce new growth.

Over pruning

Pruning more than a third of a tree's crown creates multiple wounds, which require energy to heal. And removing too many branches reduces a tree's ability to take in energy. Sickly trees are susceptible to pests and diseases.

Experienced professionals won't hurt your tree

You can ensure that pruning doesn't harm your tree by taking the time to find a trained arborist. Professional tree services use trained and experienced arborists for tree pruning and tree removal.

If you want to prune your tree to improve its appearance, boost fruit production, or make it safer, hire a professional arborist.

For more information, contact a local company, like Sal's Landscape & Tree Service.

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