Reasons For Trimming Your Property's Trees

Trimming the branches of your trees can be a project that will have a major impact on the look of your property. While you may be concerned about the impacts that this will have on the appearance of the property, there are some situations where trimming the trees on your property can be a necessary project to undertake.

Protecting Powerlines

Trees that are growing near powerlines can pose a significant threat due to their ability to take down the powerline during strong storms or to even catch on fire when conditions are dry. Trimming the tree branches so that they have ample clearance from the powerlines can minimize these risks. In fact, it is often a requirement for property owners to keep tree branches clear of any powerlines. Otherwise, the utility company may have the authority to visit your property to cut the branches, and they may trim significantly more than what you would have preferred.

Keep Branches Away From The Pool

The swimming pool is another area where you will want to keep tree branches away. If these branches are able to grow too close to the pool, they could drop large numbers of leaves into the water. This could lower the quality of the water, and it may increase the likelihood of the pump or filtration system developing a clog. As an added benefit, trimming the branches away from the pool will allow more sunlight to strike the water, which can help to keep it in a comfortable temperature range.

Removing Diseased And Damaged Branches

Diseased and damaged branches can be a serious issue for the health of your plants. Removing these branches as quickly as possible is necessary to prevent these problems from being able to spread to other portions of the tree. Waiting too long to have these branches removed can allow the disease to reach the trunk of the tree, which will allow it to rapidly spread throughout the plant and potentially kill it. While trimming the diseased branches will impact the look of the tree, it can prevent the total loss of the tree.

There are many situations where you will need to have the trees on your property trimmed. Protecting the powerlines that are on your property, keeping branches away from your swimming pool, and removing diseased or damaged branches can be two of the situations where a person will find that tree trimming services can be a useful contractor to hire for this work.

For more information about tree maintenance, contact a local company. 

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