How Does Trimming Keep Trees Healthy?

"Trimming is good for your tree!" You've probably heard this advice from time to time, but you may not know exactly how trimming your tree keeps it healthy. It may even seem like removing branches from the tree would be bad for it. However, when done right, tree trimming really does benefit your tree. Here are the key ways in which a proper trim allows for good health.

Removing Diseased Branches

A lot of tree diseases are caused by fungi. Just because these fungi have colonized and are growing on one branch does not mean they've infected the whole tree. A tree trimmer will notice any diseased branches and will trim them away. By doing so, they can help prevent the disease from spreading to the tree's other branches. You're less likely to need to use fungicides and other more intensive treatments if you have your trees regularly trimmed to remove diseased branches.

Allowing Airflow Through the Tree

Some types of trees have a tendency to grow a bunch of branches close together. This thick growth may look nice, but it also blocks airflow. After it rains, those clumps of close-together branches tend to stay wet for too long, which can lead to rot and disease. If you have your tree trimmed, your trimmer should remove some of the close-together branches to allow for better airflow. This is especially important in fruit trees.

Preventing Rubs

Sometimes two branches on a tree will grow in such a way that they rub together. Over time, this rubbing can cause some sores to form on the bark of the branches. These sores not only look ugly but can also attract pests and insects. A tree trimmer will remove overlapping and rubbing branches to prevent this problem.

Reducing the Need for More Extensive Trims

Removing a few branches here and there is good for a tree, but removing huge limbs and large sections of growth can be a strain on the tree. If you have your tree trimmed often, then your trimmer will remove branches that look like they may eventually reach toward a fence or a power line. Doing this early will prevent your tree from needing a huge makeover later on.

If you want to keep your tree healthy, make an appointment for tree trimming. A professional landscaper can tell you exactly what they are doing and explain the benefits you're likely to see from it.

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