Recommendations To Care For Your Yard's Trees

Your trees make up a big part of your landscaping with their imposing height and majestic branch spans, and they can provide valuable shade and homes for wildlife in the area. To keep your yard's trees in their best health and condition, there are specific practices you should follow to maintain their value, quality, and beauty. The following information provides you with some tips to take care of your yard's trees and surrounding landscaping.

Protect the Tree's Health

To keep your tree in the best health, you can follow some trimming practices that will keep it protected against damage and other diseases that can occur to neglected trees. Look for any branches that rub together and trim these off. Branches that rub together will decline in health, especially during heavy wind, and the branches can become weakened and be at risk of breaking off. Branches that rub together can also remove the protective bark and leave the tree susceptible to disease.

If you notice any branches that are dead or dying with signs of the leaves turning yellow and curling before the fall color changes, you should remove them. Make sure you cut the branches off close to the trunk and do not leave a short stub when you trim it off. A flush cut will keep your tree healthier and protected. Also, trim off any branches that rub against your home or are growing over the top of your roof. Roof and home damage can easily occur when the tree branch breaks off or scrapes against your home in a windstorm.

Keep Fruit Trees Trimmed Back

In addition to protecting your tree against disease and damage to its structure, you should also make it a habit to keep your tree trimmed back. This will help you maintain its size and the thickness of its canopy. 

If your tree is a fruit tree, it is helpful to trim out the branches from the center of the tree that have grown upwards from the last season, as these are a block to the sunshine. Your fruit tree will rely upon sunlight reaching into the interior of the tree for its fruit to grow and ripen, so if there are too many thickly growing branches in the center of the tree, your fruit production will not be as great. Plan to trim apple, cherry, plum, nectarine, and peach trees in the early spring to remove the extra branches that block sunlight.

If you have questions, contact a company that offers tree services

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