5 Tree Care Tasks A Tree Service Can Do For You This Summer

Summertime is a great time for tree owners. Not only do your trees look amazing during the summer, but they also provide you with much-needed shade and shelter. But summertime can be hard on trees too. Along with the fine weather come hazards such as heat, drought, pests, and disease. With the right tree care, you can avoid these hazards and keep your tree healthy.

A good tree service can carry out tree care tasks for you this summer to ensure that your tree doesn't succumb to summertime damage.

1. A thorough assessment

The first thing a professional tree care service will do for you is to assess your trees. During an assessment, tree professionals check:

  • For pests
  • For diseases
  • For heat stress
  • For drought stress
  • The overall health of a tree

Once a tree care professional has completed an assessment, they can decide what your tree needs most to allow it to flourish during summer.

2. Pruning to remove dead branches

Dead branches are harmful to trees during summer. Dead branches attract pests and diseases. They also block sunlight from reaching living branches and reduce air circulation, an issue that increases the risk of pests and diseases. A tree specialist can carefully prune and remove dead branches to allow your trees to flourish.

3. Identify and remove pests

Pests can become a serious issue during the summer. A tree care service can identify pests and remove them with pruning and by applying insecticides in strategic locations.

4. Prune fruit trees to produce bigger fruits

Pruning benefits fruit trees in various ways. Pruning can open up a fruit tree's canopy to improve air circulation, which reduces pests. Not only that, but with intelligent pruning, a tree care specialist can encourage your fruit trees to produce larger fruit.

And if your fruit trees are full of dead fruit, a tree care specialist will remove these too to stop pests from infesting your trees.

5. Prepare your trees for harsh winter weather

Some young trees are not quite strong enough to deal with the harsh weather that comes with winter. These trees can benefit from cabling and bracing. Cabling and bracing young trees helps them to survive harsh winter storms.  

The summer weather can take a heavy toll on your trees if you don't prepare them in advance. Hire a tree care service this summer to protect your trees from common summertime damage.

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