Tips For Getting Rid Of Tree Stumps

If you have tree stumps all over your property, it might be time to remove them. There are plenty of reasons to remove a tree stump. Not only can a stump be an eyesore, but it can also take up space in your yard. Sometimes, they are even hazardous and easily hide in grass and among other plants. No matter the reason why you want the stumps removed, these are some great tips that allow you to get through the process as safely as possible.

Cut Off as Much as Possible

You should try to cut off as much of the stump as possible. You want the top of the stump to be as low profile as possible, which will make the process much simpler.

Drill Holes

Drill holes below the rim of the stump to provide vent holes. These vent holes will provide ventilation if you want to burn the stump and will also help provide some air when the stump begins to rot. You will also need these holes for the next step.

Use Tree Stump Remover

You can also use chemicals that help you remove the stump. Pour the chemicals into the holes you've drilled, which allows the chemicals to reach every part of the stump. You can then add water to dilute the chemicals. The process of killing the stump may take several weeks. Chemicals soften the wood and make it easier to burn in many cases.

Burn the Stump

Some people swear by burning the tree stump and allowing the inside to smoke itself out. If you go this route, do not use gasoline to start the fire. Instead, use kerosene. The amount you will use depends on the size of the stump. You may need to take this step several times to see big results. Additionally, make sure you remove any flammable debris ahead of time.

Use an Ax

An ax is also a great tool if the stump has been dead for a while. This process can take quite a while, but you can see the progress. If you have access to a grinder or can rent one, this will make it a lot easier.

Hire a Professional

Finally, don't be afraid to hire a stump removal professional with a power stump grinder who can kill trees quickly and get rid of the stumps. Professionals can help you get through the ordeal without all the physical labor involved, and your yard can be clear of debris very quickly.

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