3 Reasons To Have Your Big Trees Trimmed

Do you live in a neighborhood that is more established and has a lot of trees? They are likely one of the things that add a lot of value to your home and street. Although large, oversized trees are beautiful, they should be professionally trimmed about once a year or once every few years. But why exactly is this? This article will list three reason why you may want to have large trees trimmed. Ready to learn some more? If so, then read on. 

Helps Them Grow Faster

A professional tree trimming service will get off all of the dead, dry branches, which will help the trees grow faster in the process. How? When you get rid of all of the dead leaves and branches, your tree can use the water and sunlight that it gets from nature and use it to encourage new growth. Think of it this way. If your tree is trying to suck up a lot of water but all of that water is going towards dead branches, it's not going to do your tree any good. But if all of the dead branches are gone, all of the moisture will go to the healthy parts of your tree to give them even more nourishment. The result is a thicker, fuller tree. 

It Helps Prevent Insect Damage

Another benefit of getting your trees trimmed on a regular basis is that it will help you get rid of insect damage, which can cause permanent issues. Plus, when your tree trimming service is on a ladder and in your tree, they will look for other signs of insect damage. If they do notice a lot of insects, they can spray your tree and remove certain branches that have damage on them. 

It Will Keep Your Roof Safe

With winter almost here, branches are more likely to fall on your roof and cause some permanent damage to it. However, when your tree has been trimmed properly, branches are less likely to break off of the tree and fall on your roof. Just make sure that your tree trimming service trims the branches away from your house so that there is even more of a minimal chance that they will fall on your roof. 

Now that you know a few reasons to have your trees trimmed, it is time to reach out to a tree trimming service near you for assistance.  

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