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3 Tree Care Mistakes To Avoid

Trees are beneficial to your home for a few reasons. While they add texture, color, and appeal, trees can also produce shade to improve your home's energy efficiency, too. Unfortunately, these benefits are not possible without proper care of your trees. This guide will help you avoid a few common mistakes people make when caring for their trees.

Not Pruning

If your tree has been steadily growing, you may think pruning will only be taking a step backwards. In reality, pruning is an essential part of helping your tree grow and thrive throughout the years.

Pruning should be completed based on your tree's needs. For example, if you notice the tree is growing too close to your roof or a power line, it should be pruned. Also, if any branches and limbs appear discolored, decayed, or broken, they should be pruned to stop the spreading of disease/fungal infections/pests.

Finally, pruning can be done while a tree is dormant to help it develop new growth in the spring season. By removing some branches and limbs in the late part of winter, new, stronger, and fuller growth will appear during the spring.

Improper Watering

As with other living things, your tree needs water to grow and survive, especially in warm climates where drought conditions are common. Unfortunately, most people do not water their tree properly.

Without sufficient water, especially in warm, dry conditions, your tree will most likely start dropping foliage, becoming weaker and less appealing. Over time, not having enough water can cause the tree to die.

On the other hand, watering the tree too much can be problematic. If the tree, soil, and underlying roots are too moist too frequently, your tree will be at risk of developing fungal infections, which will eventually rot and kill your tree.

Forgetting the Mulch

Mulch can also be an important part of caring for your tree. Some people completely forget about the importance of mulch because they feel it is only cosmetic. Truthfully, mulch helps keep your tree moist, which can be beneficial during the dry seasons.

When arranging mulch around the tree's base, remember that less is actually more. Too much mulch can lead excess moisture and fungal infections. Experts recommend spreading the mulch to a depth of around 2 to 4 inches for the best look and best protection.

Planting a tree is the easy part. Ensuring your tree lives and thrives is definitely more challenging. This guide will help you avoid a few common tree care mistakes. For more information, contact companies like Brown's Tree Service.

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