Lawn Care And Maintenance: Top Tips

Every homeowner wants a healthy and visually appealing lawn, but it takes a good deal of work and maintenance to keep a yard looking great. If you know what you are doing, however, it becomes a lot easier. Follow these key lawn care and maintenance tips to ensure that your lawn stays in excellent shape.


One aspect of lawn care that is easy to overlook is its level of acidity, which is known as the pH factor. If your soil is too acidic or has an acidity level that is too low, then your grass might not flourish. Most grasses do well with a pH level in the range of 6.0 to 7.2. Take a sample of your soil to your local county extension office and let them test it. If they determine that the soil is not in the proper pH range, you will need to correct it by adding amendments such as lime or iron.

Shady Spots

Shady areas of of your lawn need special attention in regards to their watering and fertilizing. If you have a spot where the shade is caused by a building, then you should only water it when necessary. Grass in this type of shady area usually needs less water than other parts of your yard. On the other hand, if the shade is caused by a shade tree, then the soil will be drier than other spots, so the area will require more frequent watering.

Shady spots need less fertilizer than sunny spots, so only give them about one-half or two-thirds as much fertilizer as you spread on the rest of the grass.

Rocky Spots

If you have any rocky area of your yard where it's difficult to grow grass, there's is no reason to just allow it to diminish the appeal of your lawn. A great idea is to plant a groundcover that thrives in such conditions. A good choice is to use several different types of groundcovers to make the area more visually interesting.

Planting Trees

Adding trees to your lawn is appealing, but keep the tree's size at maturity in mind before you plant. Make certain that the spot you chose gives the tree plenty of room to spread its branches when it's mature without crowding your house or any shrubs or other trees.

Maintaining and caring for a lawn is a lot of work and many busy homeowners will prefer to leave it to the professionals. If this describes you, contact a landscaping maintenance service in your city.

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