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3 Essential Reasons To Prune Your Tree Regularly

Do you have a large tree on your property? Have you ever wondered if there's something else you need to be doing to care for the tree and make sure that it is healthy? It's not uncommon for people to more or less ignore trees until they are obviously dead, or dying, but this isn't good for either you or the tree in question. Instead of ignoring the tree, it's a good idea to have it pruned on a regular basis. If not every year, then at least every other year. Some of the best reasons to hire someone to do this are as follows:

Aesthetics: A tree that hasn't been properly pruned in a long time can be extremely unattractive. If you should decide to sell your home without hiring someone to do the tree pruning, it may take you longer to find a buyer who is willing to make an offer. Although it may seem silly to some people, aesthetics plays an important part when deciding which home to purchase. In addition, regular subtle tree pruning is better able to shape a tree to the desired look than pruning once every few years and removing substantial chunks at one time.

Disease: Regular pruning can be both an important diagnostic tool and treatment method for various types of tree diseases. From the ground, it's not always easy to tell if a limb is dying until it actually falls off and potentially damages your home on the way down. Tree pruning experts will know what types of diseases are common in your area and will be looking for signs that your tree is infected. For fungal disease, the best treatment is often to remove the limbs that show signs of being the most infected and to spray the remaining limbs with a preventative depending on the fungus in question.

Safety: If your home encounters a strong storm, a tree may drop even seemingly healthy limbs if they have grown too large and catch the wind easily. Some of these larger and more hazardous branches can be shrouded among all of the other limbs, at least from the ground, rendering it a surprise when they suddenly come crashing down due to an excessively strong gust of wind. You may not want to remove the branch entirely, but professional tree pruning can get the limb to be a more reasonable size that is going to be less likely to be a hazard to your property. 

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After I decided to list my home for sale, I realized that there were a few things I needed to do if I wanted to sell my property quickly. For starters, I knew that I needed to have a few trees in my yard taken down, since they were too big and blocking the view of the street. I also wanted to have the trees in my yard pruned so that they would bloom properly in the spring. After they were trimmed, the entire yard looked incredible. Check out more about tree trimming by reading this handy website. You won't regret it!

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