3 Things To Consider Before Cutting Down A Tree

If you have a tree in your yard you want to remove, you need to inspect the tree first. Properly evaluating the tree will ensure you and your property are not damaged when you cut it down.  

#1 The Lean of the Tree

It can be hard to tell if a tree is leaning when you are standing close to the tree. Give yourself some distance and check a few different angles; this will allow you to see if the tree is really leaning.

If the tree is leaning, the direction of the lean is the most likely direct the tree will fall. Make sure that nothing is in the direct path of the tree in the direction of the lean before you cut down the tree. 

#2 Nearby Trees

Second, look at how the tree you want to cut down interacts with the trees near it. Are any of the branches from the tree you want to remove overlapping or entangled with the branches from any other nearby tree?

If the branches from the tree are overlapping with any nearby trees, or if any nearby tree branches are tangled up with your tree, you are going to want to address this first before you cut down the tree. You don't want to bring down the nearby trees when you cut down the one tree that you want to remove.

Instead, you need to individually remove any branches that are overlapping or entangled. Start by cutting off the branches on the tree that you want to remove that are overlapping. Then prune the branches on the nearby trees that are entangled with the tree that you want to remove.

#3 Dead Branches

Next, you want to look for dead or damaged branches on your tree that could come off unexpectedly or break in ways that you may not anticipate when you fell the tree. It is a good idea to also individually cut off any dead or damaged branches before you take down the entire tree. That way, you ensure that you control how the tree falls as much as possible.

Before you cut down and remove a tree, get rid of any overlapping or dead branches and make sure that you consider the lean of the tree when determining what direction the tree will fall in.

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