2 Important Reasons To Trim Your Trees

You might believe that trees are a no-maintenance plant. If you want to keep your tree strong and safe, this is not the case. One way to keep your trees healthy is by having them regularly trimmed. There are a few good reasons to have your trees trimmed regularly. 

Properly Trimming Ensures Healthy Growth 

Trees are susceptible to illness and disease, which can cause branch death. Trimming your tree regularly will ensure that your tree will have healthy growth. When you trim your trees ensure that you get as close to the trunk as possible to remove dead and sick branches.

Trimming regularly also gives you an opportunity to check your tree for diseases. Diseases can start out slowly on a branch or two and quickly spread to the rest of the tree. There are many common tree diseases that can destroy your trees:

  • Root Rot - The main symptom of root rot is the discoloration of the trunk near the soil. The leaves will also start to wilt. 
  • Leaf Spot Diseases - Leaf spots manifest as small, dark-colored dots peppering your leaves.
  • Bacterial Wetwood - If your tree is infected by wetwood the trunk will start to turn brown and yellow. Eventually, it will start leaking a foul slime. 
  • Dutch Elm Disease - Dutch elm disease causes the leaves to start to wither and rot, eventually turning brown and yellow.
  • Powder Mildew - This mildew presents as little white powdery spots on the leaves of your tree. 

Trimming Maximizes Shade

If you have avoided trimming your trees for many years, you may notice the branches begin on your tree will start to get gradually longer and start to droop down.  As the branches of your tree droop more and more the shading potential of the tree decreases.

Along with drooping, the branches will start to grow in erratic directions, decreasing the area that is fully covered by bunches of leaves that create cooling shade. 

When you trim your tree's branches the extra weight is removed. The branches will be able to grow out, increasing the area of your yard that is shaded. Trimming your trees also helps coax the branches into growing together, increasing the area of coverage by the leaves. 

To give your trees a long and healthy life, as well as ensure that they don't damage you, your property or your neighbor's property it is important to trim them annually. You can learn to trim them yourself or hire a professional tree service to do the job for you. Regardless of your methods, keep those trees trimmed!  

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