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Tree Removal Questions Addressed

Tree service and maintenance is something that can be easy to overlook. To help individuals manage this need of their property, there are tree care services. However, if you do not have much experience with using these services, there are several questions that you may want addressed.

Will The Roots Of The Tree Be Removed?

When a tree dies or becomes too diseases to be saved, it may need to be removed in order to avoid potentially unsafe situations. IF a homeowner needs to have a tree removed, they may assume that this will include the trunk and root system as well. However, these components of the tree are not usually included with a standard tree removal. While it is fairly common for individuals to pay to have the stump from the tree removed, it is somewhat rare for individuals to also require the roots to be removed. Typically, this is only needed when construction is expected to be done on the site where the tree was located. When it is necessary to remove the roots of the tree, this will have to be done though excavating the soil so that the roots can be chopped up and lifted out of the ground.

What Happens To The Debris From The Tree Removal?

Over the course of a tree removal project, there will be large amounts of debris that are generated due to branches, leaves and sections of the tree's trunk. While it is possible to arrange for this debris to be sent to the landfill, there are more useful manners of disposing of it. One of the more common ways of disposing of these materials is to turn them into mulch. Many tree service companies have the equipment needed to shred and chip the branches and trunk of trees so that they can quickly convert this material into useful mulch for their clients.

Will Removing A Tree Cause Erosion Issues For Your Property?

For some homeowners, erosion is a problem that they will need to constantly battle. If this issue is unchecked, it could result in large amounts of soil being washed away, which could put the structures on your property at risk of suffering damage and it may be more difficult to grow plants due to the nutrient-rich topsoil washing away. Depending on the terrain where the tree is located, it may be possible for removing the tree to cause the erosion to worsen. An experienced tree removal provider will be able to test the soil around the base of the tree to determine whether this is a likely problem. If it is determined that erosion is likely to worsen, the contractor may use erosion control netting or other tools to lessen these effects.

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