Times It Might Be Necessary To Remove A Mature Tree From Your Property

It can be a difficult decision to remove a mature tree from your yard, but sometimes it's necessary. The tree may be a problem now that it's grown and its canopy is spread over your home and yard. If a tree is injured or sick, it should be removed for safety reasons. If the tree is healthy, then the decision is more difficult and you may even need permission from your city to remove it. Here are some times when you may need to hire a tree removal service to remove a healthy tree from your yard.

When You Want To Put In A Pool

If the tree is in the middle of your backyard, there might not be a way to install a pool with it in the way. A tree removal service can remove the tree and destroy the stump so the ground is clear and ready for excavation for your new pool. Local codes may require you to replace the tree with a new one. In that case, you can position the tree where it suits your property best and won't cast shade on your pool.

When Trees Are Crowding Each Other

A previous owner may have planted several trees in the yard that looked nice and provided shade while they were young. However, now that the trees are mature, they may be overwhelming your property and crowding each other. When that happens, limbs may grow in erratic directions and make the trees unstable. The canopies can intertwine and completely block the sun from your property. This makes it difficult to grow a healthy lawn and mold may grow on your home and driveway. A tree removal service can solve this problem by removing some of the trees so the others have more room to stay healthy and so sunlight can penetrate the canopies to reach the trunks of the trees and your lawn.

When The Tree Overhangs Your House

Another problem with big trees is when heavy limbs grow over your house. Ideally, trees should be trimmed or removed when they begin to grow in undesirable ways, but when that's not done, the only solution may be to remove the mature tree completely. Sometimes, removing a few limbs may be all that's needed, but if the removal of heavy limbs on one side of the tree creates stability problems for a tree that's next to your house, it could be safer to remove the tree completely.

When You Want To Clear A Lot For New Construction

If you bought a piece of land for building a new home, it might be necessary to have some of the trees removed. Even if you love the trees and their position on the lot, they could be damaged by the heavy equipment used in the construction process. Their location may even be in the way of workers and their equipment. When that's the case, removing the trees is usually necessary. When your home is complete, you can plant new trees to take their place. Although it will be years before they provide ample shade like the mature trees did, you'll at least have the opportunity to train them to grow properly so they'll enhance the property and not turn into problems for future owners of your home.

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