Three Reasons To Prune Your Trees In Winter

Having your trees pruned can help promote healthy growth, and it can also prevent limbs and branches from becoming damaged and broken. While this may be a task that seems suited for warm weather months, there are many reasons to consider pruning in the winter. Here are just some reasons to consider having your tree pruning service go to work this winter.

Dormant Growth Seaso

In the winter, your trees won't have foliage to contend with due to their dormancy during the cold. This means it will be easier to spot damaged areas that need to be trimmed back, and it can also make it easier for your pruning service to shape the branches properly. With no foliage in the way, it can also be easier to see where your trees might be growing close to your roof or to power lines. After they are pruned in the winter, you can feel confident that the new growth and sprouting leaves won't get in the way of your gutters or your power lines.

Ice And Snow Damage Prevention

Pruning your trees in the winter as it becomes necessary can prevent branches and limbs from breaking under the weight of ice and snow. As snow begins to fall, you may notice some limbs beginning to buckle under the weight. If this is the case, you can have your pruning service trim back damaged branches so they don't fall on your home, garage, or vehicle.

Dormant Insect And Animal Season

Invasive insect and animal species can cause damage to your tree over the course of the summer, and they may seek out damaged or diseased parts of the tree to begin to nest in. By identifying weak or susceptible areas in the trees during the winter, you can take the necessary precautions to prevent these insects and animals from taking hold in your trees come spring. For example, some types of borer insects will seek out injured areas on trees to feed or place larvae. Your tree pruning service can identify these injured areas of your trees to provide fewer places for borers to seek out meals and nesting areas.

If you have trees on your property, consider scheduling an appointment to have them pruned this winter. With the right care, you can keep your trees healthy and beautiful throughout the winter and prepare them for the start of the spring season each year.

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