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Four Extra Services You May Enjoy From Tree Removers

Tree removal companies are known for, well, removing trees, but that isn't the only thing they do. Here are four other services you may enjoy from these professionals:

Disposing Of the Tree and Cleaning the Site

After cutting down the tree, you will have to get rid of all or some of its materials. Some people get rid of the leaves and twigs but find use for the main trunk and branches. The removal site is also likely to be chockfull of debris, such sawdust, after the tree is removed. Most tree removal companies will also help you remove the tree materials and clean up the removal site, usually at an extra charge, if you wish them to.

Removing the Tree Stump

In some cases, the tree removal cost quoted by the removal company will not include the removal of the stump. Unfortunately, leaving the stump on the ground has some serious disadvantages. For example, the stump may produce new shoots and grow into another tree, it may attract pests (such as ants), its roots can still cause damage, and it may trip up members of your household or visitors and cause serious injuries. Even if stump removal is not part of the quote, you can get the removers to take care of the stump at a small fee.

Making Firewood

If you have a wood fireplace, it would be a shame to remove a tree and have it carted all to the nearest dumpsite. If the species you have removed is suitable for firewood, you can split its logs into suitable sizes and use it to warm your house. No, you don't need to have an axe and posses great physical strength to enjoy homemade firewood; tree removers can do it for you at a cost.

Chopping the Tree into Manageable Sizes

Even if you haven't figured out a way to use the good parts of the tree you have removed, it's usually a good idea not to throw them away. You can store the tree, particularly the main trunk and branches, until you can figure out a way to use them later. For example, you may later decide to chop them into firewood and sell them, use them to make compost manure, use the logs for construction or even split them into lumber for making firewood. However, it's impractical to store the whole trunk and its branches just like that; you need to chop them down into manageable sizes, and the tree removers can do this for you too.

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