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Why A Tree's Condition Determines Its Removal Cost

Many things determine how much it costs to remove a tree, but did you know that the condition of the tree is one of these things? Here are examples of tree conditions, and how they can determine tree removal cost:

Whether the Tree is Leaning

Since trees are fairly valuable assets, many people only call for tree removal services if their trees are about to fall, for example, if the tree is leaning. Unfortunately, removing a leaning tree is dangerous and complicated because it can fall at any time. Removing such a tree also takes time; for example, the removers may have to cut off some of the limbs before cutting the main trunk. This is why removing a leaning tree may be costlier than removing an upright tree.

Damaged Branches or Trunk

Even if a tree is perfectly upright, it may be difficult to remove if some of its branches are cracked or broken. For example, a severe windstorm can cause a crack to appear between a branch or a supplementary trunk and the tree's main trunk. Such a trunk can fall on and injure the removers in the course of their work, so it may have to be removed first. Expect your tree removal charges to account for the extra work created by the damaged branch or trunk.

Whether the Tree is Dead or Alive

Removing a dead tree is markedly different from removing a tree that is still alive. This is especially true if the dead tree has been dead for some time and its trunk or some of the branches are rotten. If you have ever tried to cut down a rotten tree, then you understand just how unpredictable the cutting is. The applicable tree removal charges have to take into account the extra work brought upon by the decay, which results in higher charges.

Whether the Tree Is Diseased

There are two main reasons why a diseased tree may be more expensive to remove than a healthy one. First, diseases weaken trees, and weak trees are dangerous and costly to cut down. Secondly, if the tree has been afflicted by a disease that spreads easily, it has to be disposed of in a proper manner so that it doesn't affect other plants. In most cases, this means every little bit material from the tree must be collected and burnt, buried or disposed of in any other way that limits the spread of diseases.

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