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3 Pruning Tips To Ensure Healthy Landscaping And Colorful Flowering This Spring

Pruning is something that needs to be done to many plants to ensure healthy growth, especially if you have trees around your home. Trimming trees is the most common type of pruning that needs to be done, but tree services can help with other pruning needs as well. Here are some pruning tips to help ensure healthy growth and colorful flowers in your landscaping this spring:

1. Pruning and Trimming Trees to Promote Healthy Spring Growth

Trees are a valuable addition to landscaping and have practical purposes. They are often used to provide shade and protection from direct sunlight, as well as be an attractive part of landscaping design and provide habitat for wildlife. This is why pruning your trees is important; it is something that you will want to have done every year to ensure healthy spring growth and colorful blooms for fruit trees and other species. These smaller trees are often cut low for a couple of reasons: to make harvesting fruit easier and to prevent damage for heavy growth that can make trees vulnerable to insect and disease.

2. Trimming Roses and Other Flowering Shrubs for Shape and Health Growth

Roses and other flowering shrubs also need to be pruned during the dormant winter months. First, all dead growth needs to be cut to make room for spring growth. When all the dead growth is removed, roses can be trimmed for shape and form. Leaving more growth on rose bushes will give you more, smaller flowers and a larger plant. Thinning growth out more will give you bigger blooms. Other flowering shrubs need pruning, like roses, but it is always a good idea to consult a tree service before you start trimming.

3. Trimming Back Vines and Overgrowth before Spring Weather Arrives

When you are having pruning done to trees and other plants, there are also vines and overgrowth that a tree service can trim for you. The fastest growing vines, such as English ivy, are going to need to be cut all the way back to the roots;, only leaving a little growth for new shoots in spring. Other vines and grown cover that grows slower can be cut back less; leaving enough growth to cover features in landscaping and to allow for new spring growth.

These are some tips for pruning plants in landscaping for healthier growth and colorful spring blooms. If you need help with pruning trees, shrubs and other plants, contact a tree service to ensure the job is done correctly. 

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