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Why You May Need Tree Removal Services Even If You Don'T Have A Weak Tree

Most people call for tree removal services when they have dead, weak or leaning trees that can fall at any time or trees that have actually fallen, for example, after a storm. However, there are many other cases where you may need tree removal services even for perfectly healthy trees. Here are some of those cases:

It's Growing Near a Power Line

Any tree that is growing near a power line needs to be removed. Utility companies have guidelines on how near a tree is allowed to grow near power lines, and they will advise you to remove the tree or remove it on their own and bill you for the cost (it's obviously best to remove it on your own). In some cases, you may get away with removing just a branch or the few branches that are near the power line.

You Need Room for Construction

Another case is when you want to create room for a construction project. Maybe you want to extend the house, construct an external shed or build a garage. Make sure it is legal to remove the tree before starting your construction plans. Every jurisdiction has guidelines on when it is legal to remove a tree; consult these guidelines first. For example, in Louisiana, it's illegal to remove a tree on fast lands even if it's on private property.

Trimming Is Called For

Tree removers don't just remove whole trees; they also trim and prune branches when called upon to do so. There are several cases in which it's perfectly normal, or even advisable, to remove branches of a tree even if they are perfectly healthy. Maybe you want the tree to grow in a particular direction or you want to encourage your tree fruit to produce more fruits; such occasions also call for the tree removers' involvement.

Its Roots Are Causing Damage

Lastly, it may also be best to remove a healthy tree if its roots are causing damage. Tree roots can damage underground utility lines, building foundations or septic systems. Don't forget that some trees have extensive roots that grow to great lengths and may even damage your neighbor's property. You don't want your neighbor to sue you because the roots of your tree caused serious harm to their property.

It's clear that tree removal services cover many things. As long as you have the legal authority to remove the tree, professional tree removers will handle it for you. 

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