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Three Reasons To Adjust The Height Of Your Lawnmower

If you mow your own lawn, it's easy to get into the habit of racing through this weekly task without giving it much thought — especially since you probably have other weekend things to get to that excite you a bit more. However, mowing your lawn is important for the curb appeal of your home, so it's worthwhile to give the process some thought. One thing to think about is whether your lawnmower's cutting blades are set at the right height. With many mowers, you can easily raise or lower the cutting deck by adjusting some levers, and this can have a big impact on how you mow your lawn. Here are three reasons to adjust the height of your mower.

It May Be Healthier For The Grass

The average homeowner often wants to get the grass as short as possible each time he or she cuts it. The premise for this thought is that the shorter the grass is, the longer you'll go before needing to cut it again. However, when the grass is especially short, it can be detrimental for its health. This is especially true with hot climates, as short grass can singe in the sun. Adjusting your mower deck so that you're not cutting the grass quite as short can thus be beneficial.

You'll Avoid Harmful Obstacles

Raising the deck on your lawnmower can also help you to avoid some harmful obstacles when you mow your lawn. If there are often some rocks in your grass — perhaps because you have a gravel driveway — hitting them with the mower blades can not only dull the blades prematurely, but also shoot the rocks and potentially cause damage to things around you. Additionally, if you have a surveyor's stake at the edge of your property, hitting it with the blades can damage your mower. Raising the mower deck allows you to avoid such problems.

It Can Be Easier To Push

If your mower deck is so low that it's touching the earth in places, it can sometimes be difficult to mow the lawn. This is especially true if your lawn isn't flat, as you could be pushing the mower into bumps in the grass and making the work harder than it needs to be. Raising the lower deck by even a small degree will make it easier to push your mower around and give your lawn the look that you want.

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