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Preparing For Storm Season With Upgrades And Tree Services

Whether it's hurricane season, tornado season, or heavy snow that could topple trees and old infrastructure, you need to prepare your home and yard. A lot of problems come from indirect storm situations, and a few services can mitigate those problems before they start. Here are a few improvement points and post-disaster services to keep in mind while you have the time and resources to plan.

Pre-Storm Preparation

In areas with regular severe weather patterns, you need to upgrade beyond boarding windows. For hurricanes and tornadoes, you need permanent fixtures that can withstand documented storm risks.

Storm windows, storm shutters, and reinforced doors are the key here. You need glass that can resist impact, then shatter into safer crumbles of glass rather than shards, and then shutters that can easily shield your windows during the worst weather situations.

Although storm window installation is fairly similar to any other window installation, the window frame and supporting anchors are key. Especially in older homes, you don't want a weak window installation area that will leak water or simply pop your window out when impacted, so make sure that a certified window installer handles the issue.

If you have a lot of trees nearby, a tree trimming services professional needs to inspect the situation. Businesses like County Tree Service can be very helpful. Trees that loom closely to the home need to be either cut down or trimmed of limbs that are likely to hit the building or go through windows. It's not a simply issue of measuring distance; wind can change a lot of other factors, so leave it to a tree trimming professional.

Post-Storm Cleanup

After a storm, assess your damages. Except for total destruction scenarios, most recovery households will need to replace a few windows, clean up flood damage, and remove storm debris--usually in the form of fallen or lightning-splintered trees.

Tree removal is a regular task after a storm, but many people in the area will be demanding service. You may have to wait no matter how early you schedule cleanup, but it's best to research a tree trimming services team before disaster strikes.

Post-storm situations can be stressful, and you may not make the best decisions while looking up and setting up appointments with the few companies that aren't booked up or struggling to keep up with calls. Know your tree trimming company beforehand and learn about their services to keep yourself safer from bad deals and misunderstandings.

Contact a tree trimming services professional to discuss other parts of keeping your property safe and clean during severe weather situations.  

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