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How To Help Control The Ticks In Your Yard

Ticks are pesky insects that can carry lyme disease, which if not taken care of could cause a lot of health problems for you or your family. Ticks can bite humans and pets as well. To help protect you, your family and your pets, there are a number of things you can do to get rid of these pesky bugs. See below for some tips to control ticks in your yard.

Trim The Lawn

Trim your lawn often, mowing and trimming down the weeds around objects or trees to prevent these weeds from growing into thick brush. Mow your lawn often to prevent it from getting too high, which can be attractive to pests, not just ticks, but a lot of other types of pests as well. If you can't get to the mowing, hire a mowing service to do this for you.

Clear Brush Piles

Clean out brush piles around your yard such as leaf or stick piles, compost piles, firewood piles and weed/grass clippings. These piles are a great place for pests to nest and hide, which could cause problems for you. Clean out these piles, removing them completely or moving them further away from your home. 

Trim Back Tree Limbs

Tree limbs that are hanging low over your yard are a great invitation for pests to get to your yard, or to your home. Trim back these tree limbs, or hire a professional to have these limbs trimmed back, especially if they are larger limbs. If your trees are out of control, think about either having them removed, or topped to clean them up a bit.

Have Your Yard Sprayed

If you have a lot of issues with ticks and have done everything above, you may need to have your yard and trees sprayed to kill the ticks and control these pests. You can sprinkle a pesticide throughout your yard to help kill ticks in the grass, but your trees can be sprayed by a professional. Call a professional tree service to have your trees sprayed with a pesticide that is safe for the tree, but will kill these pesky bugs.

Ticks can cause a lot of health problems for you, your family and your pets especially if the tick was carrying lyme disease. If you have a big problem with these pests, use the tips above to help get rid of them, or hire a professional to help with tick control.   

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