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Need A Tree Removed Or Trimmed? Know What Will Happen

Trees do a great job at adding color to a home's landscaping. Unfortunately, it's possible that you have a tree growing in your yard that needs to be cut down. The tree could be at risk of falling onto a nearby house, in the way of utility lines, or sick and need to be removed. You'll need to hire professional help to have the tree trimmed or removed in these situations. Here is what you should expect when you have to deal with this problem.

Tree Inspection

A tree service company will start by inspecting the tree. When your hope is to save as much of the tree as possible, the tree service company will try to figure out the best way to trim the tree so that it does not die. However, removal will be recommended if your tree will continue to be a risk to nearby homes.

If the tree has a disease that can spread to other trees, the best option will be to cut down the tree to ensure the health of the surrounding trees.

Tree Trimming

The physical removal of large limbs will be a very dangerous process. A technician will use a crane to access the problem branches that are high up so that they can be isolated. This will give the technician control over individual sections of your tree as it comes down, which will ensure that everyone on the ground is safe and no damage is caused to surrounding homes.

Tree Removal

When a tree must be removed, the technician must find a way to cut the tree into small pieces that are manageable to remove. They may perform a process very similar to tree trimming, by first cutting branches that are high up in the tree so that they can be controlled as they fall down. The trunk is then cut into several sections that are easy to dispose of.

Tree Disposal

A tree service company may load branches onto a truck to grind up back at their facility, or grind them on site with portable equipment. The stump will be the hardest part to remove, and it may involve one of several methods to remove it from the ground. For instance, holes can be drilled into the stump so that chemicals can be poured in, which will soften the wood and make it easier to remove the stump at a later date.

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