Why You Need To Remove That Tree Stump

Do you have a tree stump that was left on your property after removing a tree? You should really consider having the stump removed once and for all. There are not any good reasons to leave that old stump in the ground, but plenty of good reason to have it removed.

Tree Stumps Are Not Attractive

As a homeowner, you may be tempted to hide the tree stump by setting a potted plant on it, or surrounding the stump with various flowers. Know that you are not fooling anybody, and it will clearly look like you are dressing up the tree stump. It makes it look like the tree stump is actually a problem you are trying to hide, rather than an intentional feature of your lawn.

Tree Stumps Are Not Safe

The lower a tree stump is to the ground, the more dangerous is can be to others. It is possible that someone can trip over the tree stump if they do not watch where they are looking. This is more likely to occur in the winter, when snow is covering the ground and the tree stump will be hidden. If someone is seriously injured by tripping over your tree stump, you could find yourself liable for a personal injury case.

Tree Stumps Can Attract Insects

A tree stump can provide the ideal environment for pests to live in, such as termites and ants. It can lead to the pests finding a way to get into your home, which will cause an infestation that needs to be addressed. You may have thought you were saving money on getting that tree stump removed, but you will then be paying for it with professional pest control.

In addition, these wood loving pests can be responsible for causing structural damage within your home. Termites can burrow through wood in hard to reach places, creating damage that is difficult to fix.

Tree Stump Encourage Weed Growth

With a living root still in the ground, a tree stump can still inspire plant growth. You will find yourself needing to remove weeds that are growing out of the stump, which will make a yard look messy. Removing the stump and the roots will make your yard look cleaner.

Tree Stumps Consume Space

A tree stump can take up a lot of usable space within a yard. You can even use the area to plant a new tree that will be sure to thrive in its place. As long as the stump is still in the ground, it is essentially wasted space.

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