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Have Your Trees Weathered A Storm? How To Repair The Damage And Prevent Further Issues

If you've just had a major winter storm blow through and your property sustained some damage, don't forget to take care of your trees. You might not realize this, but if you have mature trees in your yard, they might have sustained damage during the storm. Not only will damage stress out your trees, but it can also lead to the damage of your home. Once the storm blows through completely, you'll need to go out and inspect your trees. Here are some steps you'll need to take during the process.

Assess the Damage

As you  may have expected, you first need to see if any damage has been done. Inspect each of your trees for signs of damage, including broken branches, damaged bark, or uprooted trunks. Make note of the more serious damage, especially the type that can lead to damage of your home or injuries to yourself or others. If any of your trees have broken and are near electrical power lines, you'll need to contact your utility company immediately.

Take Care of Minor Problems

Once you've assessed the damage, you'll need to start taking care of the minor damage. These are issues that could lead to bigger problems later if they're not resolved quickly.

Remove Smaller Branches

The first thing you'll want to do is remove the smaller branches that have been damaged, especially those that are dangling over your driveway or sidewalks. If these smaller branches aren't removed, they could weigh down larger branches, leading to further damage.

Repair Damaged Bark

If the bark on your trees has been damaged, you'll need to repair those damaged areas as quickly as possible. Damaged bark can undermine the health of your trees and lead to pest infestations. Use a sharp knife to remove the damaged portion of the bark. Removing the damaged bark will prevent additional damage and remove hiding places for pests. Leave the greenish layer, or cambium, exposed to the air to encourage natural healing.

Bring in Help for Larger Problems

If your inspection has identified broken limbs that are too big for you to safely remove on your own, you'll need to bring in professional help. Hiring a professional tree service like Affordable Tree Care to take care of the damage will prevent injuries to yourself and others, as well as prevent damage to your property. If you've noticed large limbs that are dangling from the trees, avoid those areas until the damaged limbs can be removed professionally.

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