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Know These Things If You Want To Plant A Tree Where One Has Just Been Removed

If you have just removed an old tree stump, it may seem like a good idea to plant a new tree in the same place. Planting a replacement tree is good, but you should mind the following issues before using the exact spot where the old tree was removed:

Be Wary of the Old Roots

The old tree may be gone, but its roots are likely still in the same place, even if you can't see them. These roots may still be alive and struggling to re-grow, which means they will be competing for resources (water, oxygen, and nutrients) with the new tree. This will not be good for your new tree because a newly planted tree requires considerable resources to take route. Therefore, if you want to ensure your new tree will thrive in the same area, do your best to dig out the old roots.

Be Wary of Diseases or Pests From the Old Tree

There is also a risk that bacteria, fungi or pests from the old tree may attack your new tree. This risk is particularly high if the new tree is of the same species as the old one. Therefore, if the old tree was removed because it was sickly or killed by a disease, planting another tree in the same spot may not be a good idea. If you have to do it, choose a different tree species and/or make sure the ground has been properly treated for the arrival of the new tree.

Remove Most of the Old Tree Tissues

You probably know that old tree tissues such as dead roots, dry backs, leaves, and twigs can decay and provide the new tree with much-needed nutrients. This is largely true, but there is also such a thing as too much nutrients. Most of the nutrient contained in dead tree tissues is carbon, which can deplete the level of nitrogen in the soil leading to an undesirable carbon-to-nitrogen ratio. Therefore, remove most of the dead tree components before planting the new tree.

Plant It a Little to the Side

Lastly, it makes good sense to plant the new tree a little to the side instead of planting it in the exact same spot. This is because the old tree probably depleted the area of its nutrients. In addition, planting the new tree a little to the side of the old one will also help you to avoid most of the problems discussed above.

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