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Tree Care Tips You Should Be Following

Tree care can be an essential part of keeping these large plants healthy and vibrant. Yet, this is one aspect of homeownership that is often sorely neglected. In particular, there are several key mistakes that homeowners will frequently make in regards to their trees. If you are to avoid these problems, you should be mindful of these mistakes and oversights.

Be Mindful Of Watering Your Trees

Due to the size of trees, individuals will frequently assume that they will not need to water these plans. This belief can stem from the notion that the root system of these plants is large enough to always provide them with water. However, this may not be the case during periods of intense drought. Therefore, you should make sure that you are watering your plants during these periods. When watering your trees, you should make sure to thoroughly soak the soil. Otherwise, the roots of the tree will start to grow towards the surface, and this can lead to stability issues for the tree. By thoroughly soaking the soil, you can avoid this as the roots will be able to access the water without needing to grow towards the surface.

Take Proactive Pest Control Steps

There are many different pests that will likely target your trees. While termites are among the more famous pests that can cause problems for trees, almost any insect or animal can create these issues if they feed on the plant. Combating this problem can be rather tricky as most homeowners will want to avoid the use of toxic chemicals. Luckily, it is possible for a tree care professional to utilize a series of safe pest repellents that can be used to drive away pests before they are able to cause these problems. The exact options will vary based on the species of trees as this will play a large role in determining the exact types of pests that are most likely to target it.

Park Away From The Trees

It may not seem like where you park your car will have an impact on the health of your trees. However, parking near the trees can be very damaging to the root system as the weight of the car can compress the soil around the roots, which can make it impossible for them to grow or absorb as much moisture. When parking your cars, you should stay as far from the trees as possible due to the fact that their root systems are expansive and can extend a great distance from the actual tree.

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