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Have An Old Tree In Your Yard And Not Doing Well? Why You Need To Remove It

If you have a very old tree in your yard that is not doing well you may need to remove it. You should first try to get it treated by a tree arborist, as they may be able to get the tree healthy again. If they cannot, however, you need to hire a tree removal company to take the tree out of your yard. Below are three reasons why this is important for you to do.

For Your Safety

Because your tree is very old and unhealthy it may be rotting. This rotting can start at the roots, which you would not be able to see. You also may notice rotting branches and bark. If this is the case the tree is more susceptible to falling, which could damage your home, structures, or injure you or your family.

Extreme weather could cause the tree to fall, such as high winds or heavy rains. If it snows and the tree has a lot of ice on its branches this weighs the tree down and it could fall if it is very rotted and unstable.

Even if the tree itself does not fall down the branches may fall. Large branches can hurt people and animals very easily.

For Aesthetic Purposes

A dead tree will start looking bad over time and this can take away from the aesthetics of your home. This is especially true if the tree is in your front yard. If the tree still has all its branches and leaves, you can leave it until the branches and leaves start to die. Once this happens the tree will stick out during the spring and summer months when the other trees in your yard are healthy.

For Your Landscape

If the tree in your yard died because it was diseased, this disease could spread to other areas of your yard. For example, nearby trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, etc. can get the disease and they will all start dying in the future. If the roots rotted because of the disease, the disease will spread underneath the ground where you will not see it until you start having landscaping problems.

If the disease continues to spread your entire landscaping will become infected and it can be very expensive to take care of this problem.

Talk with a tree removal company about this information. They can go over the tree removal process with you in detail, so you will understand how it all works. To learn more, contact a tree removal company like Admiral Tree Service, LLC

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